Spring is Always Doomed @LUMe | Audio-Visual Experience – 9 novembre

9 novembre, ore 17 @ LUMe, viale Vittorio Veneto 24.

Love can survive. Lovers do not survive ever. Deepening the relationship is paid for by the severity of the experiences associated with them. Spring is always doomed.

Anatoli Ulyanov


Spring Is Always Doomed

audio-visual experience

9 November 2019


The astonishingly profane word love depicts a state of mind so abstract there’s no easy way for us to be certain about what it actually stands for. This ambiguous phenomenon became the main theme of the exhibition Spring is always doomed.

The group show is a collaboration between four Czech artists: Philipp Kolychev, Šimon Kuba, Šimon Sýkora and Ida Taušlová. Each one of them brings their own vision of the mystery of love, thus it resonates on many levels and through various media.

Curated by Linda Vondrová

Start of the show: 5 PM
Afterparty tba

🕘 Inizio ore 17:00
📍 Viale Vittorio Veneto 24 (lato parco)
🚋 M1 Porta Venezia / M3 Repubblica / Passante Repubblica / 9, 33, 1
🎟 Offerta consigliata 3 €
🍺 Birra artigianale, vino e amari a prezzi popolari!


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